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Airbnb host newbie advice?

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    I am considering renting out my apartment on airbnb as I am going to move in with my partner. For those who are already hosts, do you recommend it? Any advice or tips for a newbie?
    I need to update the decor so any advice there on how to make it appealing to potential guests will also be appreciated.

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    Hi. You need to find someone near your airbnb who can come there from time to time, give guests keys, make sure it’s clean, etc. Hope that helps!

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    Create a welcoming space. When it comes to updating your decor, aim for a clean and welcoming space that makes guests feel right at home. Consider adding some personal touches like fresh flowers or a welcome basket with local snacks and information about the area.
    Be sure to provide your guests with clear instructions on how to access the apartment, how to use any appliances or electronics, and any other important information they need to know.
    Also, you can use vacation rental software to easily control the arrival time of guests, call cleaners, etc. This greatly simplifies management issues. Hope this helps!

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