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Can you listen to Spotify on Roku?

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    Sam Jonson

    As we all know about the Roku?s impeccable video streaming capabilities, we all had a similar doubt at one point while streaming content via our Roku is that whether we can listen to Spotify via the Roku. The answer to whether or not we can enjoy Spotify on our Roku device is, yes, we can. Spotify TV supports all major streaming devices, including Roku, Amazon TV, Apple TV, and more.

    Follow the steps we have provided in this guide to know how to add Spotify on Roku.

    Adding and Activating the Spotify on Roku

    We have compiled a step-by-step guide to activate the Spotify for your convenience. Please follow the instructions to activate the Spotify on all Roku devices quickly.

    ? Start by switching on your Roku and your TV.
    ? Now, visit the Roku Channels Store from where you can download all your beloved TV channel apps.
    ? Type the app name Spotify in the search bar and press OK.
    ? From there, click on the Add Channels button, which can be found right beside the Spotify app name.
    ? Once downloaded, launch the Spotify app from the Channels List.
    ? After launching the Spotify app, sign in using your genuine credentials and click OK.
    ? If you have a PC logged in to Spotify, visit the Spotify webpage and click on Add a Device.
    ? Now, note down the Spotify activation code displayed on the Roku screen.
    ? Enter the Spotify code in the PC and start enjoying the Spotify app on your Roku.

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    James Taylor

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