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professional who designs 2D characters

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    Hello, how are you doing? It has been a long time since I published anything new here, I tell you that I am in a project with a friend to create our own game in complete 2D, we are looking to create a game similar to the Sims but that is in 2D, let’s say it would be similar to the Sims of the gameboy advance but with better graphics, it will be a much more modern and polished 2D, we already have several professionals who are in charge of the environment, the story, the gameplay of the game and so on, but before starting we need to find a professional character design team in 2D, we urgently need it since one of the first things done in video games is creating the characters and both my friend and I do not know any professional who is dedicated to this, that is why we wanted to ask you for help, do you know Any professional 2D character designer? recommend the best one you know

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    Hi, I’m glad you are continuing to work on your game. I suggest you ask your coworkers and
    look through the portfolios of designers who have worked on similar projects. You can find such designers online, on specialized websites or by digging through social networks, forums and groups.
    Don’t forget that when hiring professionals for your project, it’s important to evaluate their experience, work and understanding of your needs. Good luck in your search and game development!

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    In fact, 2D graphics does not make the game less colorful and interesting. Today, sometimes 2D graphics are much more attractive than 3D graphics. But if we talk about characters, then it’s not so easy to create them yourself in 2D graphics.

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    Hanwiler Nas

    Hi there! It’s great to hear about your exciting 2D game project that’s reminiscent of the classic Sims on Gameboy Advance but with a modern twist. When it comes to finding top-notch 2D character designers, I’d highly recommend checking out the work of kevurugames , who has a proven track record in creating stunning 2D game characters. You can also explore platforms like https://kevurugames.com/game-art/2d-characters-design/ to discover talented artists who might be the perfect fit for your project. Best of luck with your game development journey!

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