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Small features to ease development, debugging

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    John Smith

    Just found ReShade a couple of days ago.
    It’s been fun, but I’ve hit a couple of limitations I have to bring up right away (:

    The log is a little clumsy. The scrollbar usually returns to the top when the log tab is opened. It would be more useful to see the latest messages at the bottom. There is also no way to clear the log. I would personally clear it before every reload so there’s no uncertainty about whether an error message is from the current or previous compilation. In case of epic failure where whole screens of errors get printed, the log somehow glitches and can’t be scrolled all the way to the bottom.

    When switching back to a fullscreen game, ReShade seems to recompile all shaders in the current preset, not just the enabled ones. This can make it a bit slow to use task switching. The same applies to the Reload button of course. The workaround is to move other shaders elsewhere when iterating one of them.

    I would like a bit more profiling information. I guess I could use some external tool to get more data, tho I’m not familiar with any such tools. But even getting to see individual timings for each rendering pass in the shader would be very helpful. Currently GPU time is also not available at all of course.

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    This is necessary because the width and height are hardcoded into the shaders, so every mode switch forces a recompile. In DX9 it is actually necessary for ReShade to do a full reinitialization because of restrictions the API imposes (all resources have to be deleted and recreated before a mode switch). But in DX10+/OpenGL ReShade does this too for code simplicity and the aforementioned reason

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    Mark H Black

    Is there planning an update or something like that? I think it really needs some changes, and I know that it’s not that hard to actually fix everything. Even though I was learning about web development and angular vs angularjs difference and stuff like that, I know something about software development as well, and I’m aware that it’s not really problematic.

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    To be a successful developer, one must have a constant hunger for learning. It’s a never-ending journey that involves keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in the market from here. As someone who has been in the game for a while, I can attest to the importance of always staying on top of your game.

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    Johny Quid

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