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Yoga Romper

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    I had Ms. B as my ballet teacher for more than 10 years, and I liked the way she taught. She was always wearing a black unitard, a huge cropped sweater, thick mid-calf socks, and jazz shoes. Everything was about the 1990s, dancing, and oddly enough, things that are now back in style. I decided it was time to revive the aesthetic 10 years later.

    I’m happy to report that not only did I work out in public while wearing a Yoga Romper and live to tell the tale—and six times over, no less—but I’m now so into them that I’m not sure why it took me so long to fall in love with them in the first place. For more information, visit YOGI TIMES Boutique. The attractiveness is primarily focused on convenience at its most fundamental level. I wanted to be able to quickly put on an outfit; there shouldn’t be any shirts that ride up or leggings that slide down. I’m not sure whether this is true, however I think using a Yoga Romper gave me more workout. Isn’t it true that all that counts is how you feel?

    Over the last month, I’ve pretty much tried everything when it comes to what I jokingly refer to as fitness onesies. I’ve opted for full-body catsuits that make me feel invincible, performance one-pieces that I’ve worn to dinner and yoga, and thong leotards (with matching super-cute leggings, of course!). Are you ready for the same situation? Scroll down farther.

    Put on the Romy Catsuit first.

    When you want to (nicely) feel like you’re exercising while entirely naked: As soon as I slipped into this unitard, I was mesmerized. Coming from someone who was frightened of participating in this jumpsuit-wearing activity for a yoga class, I nearly wanted to take it for a walk around the block. Even though it is really soft, you still feel like your whole body is supported and not on display. Additionally, I like the tank neckline, which is really simple and has a low back.

    2. Lululemon’s Underneath It All Yoga Romper

    Try these movements to feel more like a ballerina: Ironically, it wasn’t a brand associated with ballet that made me think of my dancing days. I regret not enrolling in a Ballet Beautiful class instead of just yoga because Lululemon, a cult favorite, made me feel that way. This ribbed yoga romper stays in place perfectly when coupled with second-skin leggings and, due to the thong bottom, prevents you from showing an ugly pantyline (which I paired it with, BTW).

    3. Definitely American The Modern Tank Body

    I appreciate that this ultra-soft, fitted but not confining tank yoga romper has an integrated bra for when you’re transitioning from a workout to dinner. I’m all about one-and-done when it comes to gym clothing. It’s legit from Khloé Kardashian’s mainstream line, so I wasn’t sure whether it would last a workout, despite my optimism (after all, nobody understands Yoga Romper and gym gear better than Khloé Kardashian). It should come as no surprise that this immaculate work of art endured well without needing any tugging, tucking, clutching, or straining. And a few days later, I took it out to supper and felt just as fantastic after a quick wash.

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