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Arduino in school

Arduino in school? No problem!

Please, if you find mistakes (even spelling) drop me a message. I do everything in my free time and by my own. I need your support :)

Since, the german version of the Arduino in school program consists of the workshop presentation, a schedule and a description to each slide, the english version by now unfortunately is just the presentation. But wait. The presentation are more then 60 slides and if you are a little bit familiar with Arduino, you will probably be able to use it. The students will learn the basics of electronics, voltage and current, of the Arduino and programming.


WorkshopEN.zip (5,6 MB)

60 slides of Arduino knowledge

Everything under a Creative Commons License (BY-SA 4.0)

Topics of the presentation

  • Circuits (flash light),
  • The Arduino,
  • The breadboard,
  • Commands,
  • Morsing,
  • Traffic light for cars,
  • Traffic light for cars and pedestrians,
  • Piezo speaker,
  • if-statement,
  • One-button-piano,
  • variables,
  • Analog input and
  • the Serial communication.

The StartHardware.org Arduino-Kit

Arduino online course

This Arduino-Starter-Kit is perfect suited to start with the microcontroller board. It is very affordable and comes with everything you need to start with this course.

More infos at Tinkersoup.de

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